GreNo invites citizens to render pro bono services for developing city

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Nov 02, 2018

The Greater Noida Authority is in need of “friends” to develop the township into a world-class city. When the Authority says friends, they actually mean professionals from many fields who can voluntarily help in advancing the city.

The Authority has invited people who are having expertise such as landscape planning, town planning, transport planning, floriculture and others.

It will welcome voluntary participation from experienced professionals to provide expertise for implementing its various projects in the city.

On its official website, the Authority has added a new category – “Friends of Greater Noida” with the sole purpose of inviting the citizens/professionals for voluntary participation.

A senior official talking to City Spidey said, “We were working on the concept of involving citizens/professionals in developing the city. Now, we have uploaded it on the Authority’s official website. The participation would be on a voluntary basis and the Authority would not pay them for their services. It is a concept which promotes citizen’s participation in the local administration.”

The authority would invite both young and retired professionals for pro bono services (professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment). Unlike traditional volunteerism, it is a service that uses the specific skills of professionals.

There would be certain conditions for involving the expertise. A landscape planner needs to be qualified in the subject and should have work experience of minimum two years.

For city/town planning, one needs to have work experience of five years. Similarly, for volunteering in transport planning and others, one needs to have work experience of minimum two years.

The professionals would be asked to provide details of their academic qualifications and professional experience and will be called for discussion before accepting their offer to join the programme. The duration for voluntary services would be one year.

The notification uploaded on the website read, “These positions are totally on a voluntary basis and there will not be paid for any conveyances, honorarium or expenses. No vehicle would be provided and no certificate would be issued from the Authority.”

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