Street play on pollution and its control at Crossings Republik grabs attention

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Nov 05, 2018

“If I were to ask you, what pollutes this environment, you will, perhaps, come up with a list of reasons. But if I ask you what have you done so far to prevent pollution, would you have any answers?”

This very relevant question was thrown open to the audience during a street act staged yesterday evening in the market area of Crossings Republik.

The act, presented by Sukhmanch, a well-known theatre group of Delhi, addressed the need for active participation in curbing environmental pollution, the burning topic of the times.

Their medium? Nukkad natak or street plays.

The act brought to fore different scenarios where joint efforts — like avoiding plastic bags, water conservation and carpool — could significantly reverse the environmental catastrophe that's unfolding every day.

Speaking to City Spidey, Soumyabrat Bhattacharya, a senior actor of Sukhmanch, said, “These are common measures which everyone knows, but no one cares about. Rather than blaming the authorities and the government, residents should adopt simple, eco-friendly practices in their lives.”

“It was a necessary reminder for all of us. People generally don’t follow advice when told randomly. So, we want to spread the message through an interactive medium,” said another member, Ashutosh Chandan, a resident of Gardenia Square, Crossings Republik. 

Kshitij Singhal, head of the committee, Crossings Republik Sanskritik Kala Sangam — which organised the show — said that over 400 residents had come for the show.

“It was a massive success! During one-to-one interactions, we found the residents motivated. We discussed within groups about the implementation of the measures advised in the act,” Singhal added.



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