No takers for sites picked for burning of crackers in Dwarka; SC norms flouted

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Posted: Nov 08, 2018

Unfortunately for Dwarka, residents refused to burst crackers at spots designated by the administration. Crackers were burnt across the city with little respect for law. Like very year, this time too, crackers were burnt in parks, on roads and at open spaces.   

President of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK, who resides in Sector 22, circulated a video of the SDMC community hall in Sector 22 — very few families in the area used the premises (a designated spot) to burst crackers.

Other places too witnessed a similar response.

Suman Malik, who suffers from asthma, and resides in Youngsters Apartments of Sector 6, visited the designated site in Sector 2, and the situation was the same. “There were hardly any families at these locations due to inconvenience and also the fear of police checks for green crackers. So, this experiment failed completely!”

The SC clause on green crackers, too, had no impact, as residents bought traditional crackers. PK Mishra, a resident of Sector 12, said, “In most markets green crackers, mandated by the apex court, were not available. The shopkeepers sold traditional crackers, and nobody complained.”  

General secretary of Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies, Sudha Sinha, said, “A few societies did follow the SC directives, but they were few in numbers. The police too did their bit and could be seen doing rounds, but we will need more concerted efforts next year. We will write on it to the authorities.”  

In DDA pockets, the norms were more openly flouted.

RWA General Secretary of Studio apartments in Sector 16B, Ramesh Mumukshu, said, “The RWA tried, but there are some rowdy characters who can’t be stopped, and other people are encouraged because of them.”

City Spidey got in touch with Dwarka ACP Rajender Singh.

“Last night, 20 PCR calls for violations were received. Nineteen cases under Section 188 IPC have been registered against violators in the three police stations of Dwarka. Two cases of unauthorised firecrackers recovery of 22 kg and 160 kg have also been registered against violators under the Explosive Act.”

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