Indirapuram: Cops’ careless attitude results in phone snatching near Windsor

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Nov 15, 2018

A resident of Indirapuram paid the price of losing his smartphone due to the careless attitude shown by Ghaziabad police on Wednesday. The incident happened around 10 pm at the Windsor street market when two unidentified men snatched the mobile of a 38-year-old surgeon named Anchit Uppal.

The victim, Anchit, was coming out of Windsor Park after his post dinner strolling and was talking to his patient on his phone. That is when these bike-borne assailants struck him from the opposite direction. 

Uppal also added a police vehicle, patrolling nearby, came to the scene but instead of immediately chasing the miscreants, the cops asked him to dial 100 and inform about the incident.

Later, Uppal went to the police station and submitted his IMEI number to track the phone.

When City Spidey contacted the Station House Officer (SHO) of Indirapuram Police Station, Nazeer Ali Khan and asked about the phone, he said, "It has been put on tracking. We will know its location whenever a sim card is inserted in it."

However, he did not comment on the apathetic attitude of the patrolling unit which was present at the spot.

Meanwhile, Uppal is worried with the loss he incurred. He had recently bought his smartphone which was pretty expensive as well.

Anchit is more worried about the data his lost phone carries. “My personal photographs, copy of government ID cards, mobile banking and passwords of internet access of my bank accounts were saved in it,” he worryingly said.

He also said that data of his patients’ medical history is also lost. “I had saved post operation and pre-operation records of X-rays and other documents of my patients on the phone. But, I guess I have to gather them once again,” he added disappointedly.

The victim is a resident of Jyoti Super Gardenia in Ahinsa Khand II and works as an orthopedic surgeon at Max Hospital in Saket, New Delhi.


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