Residents of Ecovillage 2 take ‘cleanliness’ into their own hands
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Residents of Ecovillage 2 take ‘cleanliness’ into their own hands

We made several complaints to the Greater Noida Authority regarding the issue but no heed was paid to them, so we discussed it and took the initiative, residents said.

Residents of Ecovillage 2 take ‘cleanliness’ into their own hands

Troubled by the indifferent attitude of the local administration and concerned about the overall hygiene, the residents of Ecovillage 2 on Saturday chose to hold brooms in their hands to clean the area outside their society.

A group of residents, who live in tower 12 and 15, took the initiative and changed the look of the area, located exactly right side of the main gate of their condominium.

Residents made it clear the initiative was not like a swachhta mission or some social service but with the specific purpose of making the outer premises of their society clean.

The area, filled with long thick grasses, potholes and plastic garbage spread all round was not only giving an ugly sight but posing threat to the life of children too as they board their school buses from that point everyday.

Ajay Singh, a resident and one of the members who participated in it, said, “Since the area outside the society comes under Greater Noida Authority, we made several complaints to the administrative body but no heed was paid to them. Therefore, we discussed the issue and decided to do it with our own collective effort.”

When City Spidey tried to contact the officials from the administration concerned regarding the issue, they were unavailable to comment.

Interestingly, when residents decided to clean the area, housekeeping department of the society too joined them.

“I think, there are two ways to get your work done. Either you complain to the authority concerned and keep waiting for its response or take the initiative, involving neighbours who are also facing the same issue,” said Mihir Kumar, a resident of the society.