I’puram: GDA’s callousness turns open drains, sewage overflow into ‘death traps’
I’puram: GDA’s callousness turns open drains, sewage overflow into ‘death traps’
Ashish Srivastava
I’puram: GDA’s callousness turns open drains, sewage overflow into ‘death traps’

I’puram: GDA’s callousness turns open drains, sewage overflow into ‘death traps’

It has been a month since the tragic death of eight-year-old girl Priyanka occurred due to falling into an open drain but the civic authority is yet callous towards the life of thousands of residents of Ahinsa Khand II.

People complain that sewer water accumulates just outside the gates of Delhi Public School every evening, creating nuisance and threat for the residents of Gaur Valerio, Desire Residency and many other neighbouring condominiums.

“It is a death trap next to the school,” said Rajiv Munshi, a resident of Gaur Valerio.

They further added the drain on the mall road is severely choked and left uncovered at many places, posing threat to the life of the residents of the area.

“The pedestrians are the worst sufferers. They are forced to walk in 1-2 feet deep sewage water full of filth and stench and also have to stay cautious so that they don’t fall into one of the openings,” added Munshi.

“This is height of callousness. The authority does not even care that hundreds of kids could be affected from vector-borne diseases as the road has become a perfect breeding ground for it,” said Saket Jain, a resident of Rishabh Cloud Nine.

Sanjay Maratha, president of Desire Residency, told City Spidey that his society saw over 32 cases of Dengue and Chikungunya last year.

Alok Kumar, president of Federation of Apartments Owners Association, said the reason behind the pathetic situation at Ahinsa Khand II is the main drain of Mohan Nagar Link road.

“The problem occurs due to poor upkeep of the drain which runs parallel to the Mohan Nagar Link Road where the girl was drowned on October 19. The Sewage Treatment Plant, situated on the other side of the road releases recycled water every evening into the Mohan Nagar Link Road drain. The drain gets severely choked which results in overflow of water on the mall road,” Kumar explained.

“The accumulated water could go down into the mall road drain but again, its choked condition does not allow the water to recede,” Kumar added.

Kumar also stated he had requested several times to the GDA to resolve the issue. “At least cover the drain. But they (GDA) do not pay heed to it. I don’t know why?” he added further.

Rajiv Munshi said he too had written at least 20 letters to the GDA regarding the issue but the authority gave no response to him.

City Spidey tried to contact Manvendra Singh, Chief of Engineering in the GDA for Indirapuram, but was incommunicado.

However, Assistant Engineer Vijay Pratap Yadav gave assurance and said the problem will be resolved soon.

It is important to note that similar response was given earlier when City Spidey contacted the authority to get their version on the issue of Desire Residency.

Just last month, a 15-year-old girl died due to dengue at Sun Tower in Shipra Sun City. The Sun Tower also faces sewage water accumulation in its basement.