Dwarka: SDMC’s plan to check pollution fizzles out due to inadequate action

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Nov 21, 2018

As the menacing air pollution persists, people are baffled with the lack of concrete action from the authority in Dwarka.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) had vowed to mitigate the dust pollution through the sprinkling of water on the roads and trees.

But, the exercise to sprinkle water has turned out to be only an eyewash. There has not been a significant impact on air pollution.

The SDMC started sprinkling of water very late. It did not happen properly. One can clearly see the dust on the roadsides and trees.

A resident of Sector 8, NK Mishra said, “Dwarka is the most polluted area as per the records of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). There were claims that water is going to be sprinkled. But I haven’t seen that happening.”

On October 12, the SDMC had announced measures to mitigate dust pollution. The action started in the first week of November. Dwarka was the most polluted area in Delhi-NCR at that time.

As per the residents, the sprinkling was done in some stretches but it was clearly inadequate. The trees are still full of dust.

A resident of Sector 12, Sarita Gupta said, “I noticed the sprinkling of water in sectors 22 and 6. They started it. But it was never done properly. It was done just to make records. One can roam in the area and see how dust is lying everywhere. People are being deceived by the authority.”

City Spidey learnt that the authority was lacking the necessary equipments. The people involved in the exercise were also not properly trained.

When contacted, the authority claimed that it was not possible for them to carry out sprinkling in all the sectors due to lack of proper facilities. They expressed their helplessness on the matter.

Meanwhile, it is the residents of the area who are suffering from the menacing pollution. They are struggling with respiratory problems.

General Secretary of RWA of Studio Apartments, Ramesh Numukshu said, “I had a round of the whole area to see what happened after the visit of EPCA chief Bhure Lal. I found no change. The situation is the same.”

“The civic bodies have done nothing to improve the situation. The situation is the same even in the area where the entire team had visited. Clearly, no sprinkling of water has been done,” he added.

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