AOA issue: Deadlock between residents, developer of Exotica Dreamville continues

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Nov 26, 2018

Following the long-pending demand, the residents of the Exotica Dreamville have unanimously decided to form the Apartment Owners Association (AOA), fixing December 2 as the date of election to proceed further. However, the issue regarding the appointment of members has become a bone of contention between the developer and the people living in the high-rise of Greater Noida West.

Residents have formed a 12-member election committee to conduct the poll to elect ten board members for the AOA whereas the developer wants two members of his own in the association.

People residing in Exotica argue if the AOA is formed accepting the nominees of the developer, then it would be an interim committee that would be valid for 90 days only.

“We want to establish the AOA as a permanent body that would be registered under the registrar of the societies. If that happens, we would have a procedure to elect AOA members in the future. Whereas, the developer want to take control on AOA through its nominated members,” said a resident.

However, when City Spidey contacted the developer to understand his point of view on this matter, one of the officials said the conflict is because of the differences among residents and not related to the appointment of which they are talking about.

“We have been insisting to form AOA since one and half years but the conflict among the residents is delaying the process. Around 30 per cent residents are against the formation of AOA. We have asked them to form it, with the consensus of at least 2/3rd residents otherwise, it would be invalid.”

Residents, however, refute the allegations made by the developer and call it a tactic to retain his authority.

This conflict emerged after the builder increased common area maintenance charge by Rs 2.25 per sq feet against the existing Rs 1.85 per sq feet. The residents had unanimously opposed this hike in the meeting held on Sunday and fixed December 2 as the date of election.

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