RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Pollution shortens life expectancy...'

By SK Malik
Posted: Nov 29, 2018

Air pollution has become a big threat, and is more harmful for health than smoking, consumption of alcohol, and even drug abuse. Pollution shortens life expectancy, and it’s high time governments and communities across the globe pull up their socks and act to minimise it.

Air quality has become a serious cause for concern, as 75 per cent of the global population — or 5.5 billion people — live in areas where particulate pollution exceeds the WHO guidelines.

On an average, people in India will live 4.3 years longer if the country meets the Indian guidelines – expanding the average life expectancy from 69 to 73 years.

The problem of air pollution is more severe in the northern part of India, also known as the Gangetic plains. In the USA, about a third of the population lives in areas with pollution levels higher than the WHO guidelines.

Rather than coming out with new rules, improving enforcement of existing laws and regulations have better results.



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