Gold chain snatched from elderly woman in Crossings Republik
Gold chain snatched from elderly woman in Crossings Republik
Ashish Srivastava
Gold chain snatched from elderly woman in Crossings Republik
Photo: Akash Mishra

Gold chain snatched from elderly woman in Crossings Republik

In yet another case of chain snatching, a 64-year-old woman was robbed of her gold chain by two unidentified men near the gate of Ajnara Gen-X in Crossings Republik on Thursday afternoon.

The victim identified as Manju Varshney, a resident of Gaur Global Village, was heading towards home along with four other women, when the incident took place. A man attacked her on the neck and snatched away her gold chain.

The incident, which happened around 12:38 pm, left minor injuries on the neck of the victim. A formal complaint has been registered at the police chowki of the area.

Narrating the incident, the complainant’s son Ankit Varshney, said, “A man grabbed the neck of my mother and tried to snatch her gold chain. When she tried to resist, he pulled her to the ground and nearly choked her. Later he managed to run away with the chain.”

Police have got the CCTV footage of the cameras installed at the gate of Ajnara and Crossings’ round-about.

Kavish Malik, in-charge of Crossings Republik police chowki, said that two bike-borne assailants came on a black Pulsar. “The assailants arrived at the scene at 12:36 pm and waited till 12:38 pm. As soon as they saw the women approaching, one of the assailants ran towards them and snatched the chain while other waited on the bike. They can be seen driving towards neighbouring Dundahera village,” he said.

“It looks like they had already spotted the group of women and were waiting for them,” Malik added. The police has noted the registration number of the bike.

The incident, however, has once again raised questions about the lapses in security at Crossings Republik. Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the construction and maintenance agency of Crossings Republik, looks after the security of the area.

Sanjiv Pandey, president of Gaur Global Village AOA, blamed the security personnel guarding the premises for such incidents. “The guards at the gate don’t keep track of vehicles entering and leaving the premises. Anyone can enter and exit the township freely. Also, the cameras installed are not up to the mark," he added.

Malik also said that the quality of CCTV footage received was sub-standard.

However, CIPL officials refuted the allegations. Manoj Gaur, director of CIPL, said that it wasn’t possible to maintain the record of vehicular movements through the gates of Crossings Republik as these aren’t private roads. “Societies can track the movement, we can’t,” he added.

Anuj Garg, security in-charge of Crossings Republik, said that there are 36 cameras installed at all the entry and exit points of the township but it’s practically not possible to cover every corner.

Crossings Republik is yet to become a gated township. The roads of the township are used by nearby villagers to commute towards Shahberi resulting in unchecked entry of outsiders.  However, the CIPL had promised the residents that it would be a gated township during the time of booking of flats. The issue is stuck as CIPL has failed to procure many portions of the township.