Three Dwarka sectors set to receive development funds from area MLA

Posted: Nov 30, 2018

Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) and also some DDA pockets in Sector 1, 2 and 7 will now have aid from the MLA fund to develop community facilities. Composting machines, open-air gyms, ACs in community halls are some of the things under consideration. 

Speaking to City Spidey, area MLA Bhavna Gaur said she would arrange for composter machines for each society depending on the occupancy. For some societies, a place for senior citizens is also under consideration.

“I am keen on a better approach to solid waste management and composting. I have already visited some of the places in Delhi where such composting is happening. I have asked the RWAs in all the 54 societies of my area to send their requirements as per occupancy. We are also thinking of covered portable structures with ACs for senior citizens. Water coolers and automatic entry-exit bars at the gates of societies are also being considered. I have been in talks with RWAs and management of societies. In three months’ time, work will be completed.” 

The MLA said since long societies were being denied assistance from MLALAD (MLA Local Area Development) fund, and she is determined to reverse that trend.

What about Dwarka’s most awaited project — installation of CCTV cameras?

Gaur replied, “I have been continuously following-up on the subject, and by New Year, the project should take off. I have already talked about the matter with the CM."

City Spidey interacted with some of the RWAs and managements of the area.

A member of management of Brahma Apartments, Sector 7, Munish Kundra, said, “We want the maintenance of our building, and we have asked assistance for the same. The MLALAD fund must be used for development, and she assured us as much. Our open-air gym is going to happen soon.”

Agreeing, former joint secretary of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7, Ravi Jaitley, added, “This is a shot in the arm for RWAs.”

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