Gaur City demands hefty Rs 60k approx for individual power connections

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 05, 2018

The builder of Gaur City has sent a letter demanding consent from flat owners for conversion of single point connection into multipoint connections. They have also informed about the approximate cost for individual flat owners.

The demand for consent has come after the notification of the state government to change the electricity supply system from single point to multipoint.

The residents were earlier complaining about the single point connection as the builder used to charge hefty amounts for electricity supplies to the different flats in the society.

As per the earlier arrangement, the builder used to take single point connection on their names and distribute electricity to individual flats.

As per the consent letter, the flat owners have been asked to individually pay approximately Rs 60,000 for the conversion of single point connection to multipoint connections.

The letter mentioned that the new system will also be a prepaid system. The individual flat owners would be able to directly apply to NPCL for required formalities like the deposit of security fee and request for installation of the individual meter.

“After completion of all this, all responsibility of Infrastructure, cables and transformer will remain with AOA. Any difference of energy units beyond the permissible loss will be added in common area consumption,” the letter read.

The builder mentioned that the exact cost of conversion will be informed by them after calculation by the NPCL.

A resident of the 11th Avenue, Ankush Kumar said, “All the flat owners have received a letter from the builder. We have been asked to pay approximately Rs 60,000 which is way too costly by all stretch of the imagination.”

“There are approximately 1,200 flats in the society. If we calculate the total amount, it comes to approximately Rs 7.2 crore which is a very big amount. They have also not given any breakup of the cost for individual flats,” he added.

“We have no clue why he has asked us to pay such a hefty amount. They have sent the letter ahead of the inspection by the NPCL officials,” he informed.

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