8 yrs on, GDA plans alternative connecting road to NH-24 for Amrapali, I’puram

A GDA team met Amrapali residents on Wednesday.
Posted: Dec 06, 2018

After failing to deliver the originally proposed road connecting Amrapali Village—a residential complex in Indirapuram—to NH-24 eight years after the society was opened, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has come up with an alternative plan.

In a meeting with Amrapali residents on Wednesday afternoon, a GDA team suggested an alternative route to the residents as the one that was proposed by the builder and sanctioned by the authority earlier has been stuck in land acquisition trouble.

The lack of connecting road had left more than 1,000-odd families living here grappling with day-to-day struggle of wading through an adjoining narrow lane to enter the society.

GDA’s chief engineer VN Singh and executive engineer (ExEn) Manvendra Singh visited the society premises and its adjoining plot and park.

The officials suggested an alternative route which will pass through the land near society’s JH Tower and adjoining GDA park. ExEn Singh confirmed to City Spidey that GDA is working on a proposition to provide an alternate route to the Amrapali residents.

Meanwhile, the residents welcomed the proposal as it would finally end their eight years’ long battle. “We can finally see light at end of the tunnel,” said Maheshwaran Nair, secretary of the RWA of the society.

The residents so far have been using a cemented lane connecting to Kala Patthar Road to reach NH 24. “Entering and exiti0ng our society has become an uphill task. The narrow lane that we are using right now has become very congested. It takes us around 20-25 minutes to reach NH-24, which will otherwise take two minutes if we get this connecting road,” said a resident.

The residents told City Spidey that the GDA officials explained that the alternative route is being planned because they haven’t been able to acquire a private land that lies between the society and NH 24.

The builder of the society had earlier promised the residents to acquire the private land for constructing the road but later abandoned the society.

The GDA had later proposed the construction of a service road from UP Gate till the society. However, the construction was halted 800 metres before the society owing to unavailability of the land. The land in question, say the residents, is being used as a garbage dumpyard.

GDA’s chief engineer had earlier shared that the road was stuck as the owner of the private land was demanding an exorbitant amount for his property.

The GDA team will again visit the society and the adjacent area on Friday for demarcation and further planning.

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