Dwarka: Crescent Apartments aims to become zero waste society

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Dec 10, 2018

The Crescent Apartments, a residential society in Sector 18 at Dwarka, has taken all the necessary actions with an aim to become zero waste society.

Along with the women group, the management of society is making all endeavours to make maids aware about how to handle waste in the best possible manner.

The women group of the society made the maids aware of the efficient handling of the waste on Sunday.

One of the pioneers of the concept and member of the managing committee of the society, Madhu Dagar said, “We arranged a meeting with the maids where we interacted one on one with them. They asked several questions and we answered them about how to go for proper waste segregation and waste management.”

A group of women including Neeti Kohli, Jyoti, Kulveer Singh, Nidhi Sharma, Yamini, Madhu Dagar and others talked to the maids during the meeting.

They shared that maids were very curious and enthusiastic to do proper waste management through wet and dry waste segregation at the source level.

Neeti Kohli said, “They are the ones who segregate the waste at homes. They do cleaning and initiate the waste management at homes of the residents. So, the whole initiative is majorly dependent on them. That is why we first pick them to educate.”

The management of the society and women group has also made an association with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and asked them to support. They have put banners, posters and other informative materials in the society so that everyone could get acquainted with the initiative.

“We are putting the posters of segregation in the lift lobby. Our plan is to make the residents aware that these kinds of stuff are useful. Apart from these things, we are making everyone aware of the rules and regulations of SDMC for waste management.

“We are also making people aware about the provision of prosecution for not following the norms. We are sharing WhatsApp messages in groups and also a circular is being sent door to doo,” said Madhu Dagar.

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