Now, pay heed to LED display board when you enter Noida

By City Spidey
Posted: Dec 11, 2018

Now, the commuters travelling from Delhi to Noida will be made aware of traffic rules via a digital display board. And those who are found violating the rules will be challaned.

An LED display board has been installed on the Delhi-Noida border, said an officer in traffic department. The board will display messages like the importance of adhering to traffic rules, fasten seat belts, no driving or riding on two-wheelers without helmets, and not talking on mobile while driving.

According to SP traffic, Anil Jha, the commuters coming into Noida usually think that they need to follow the traffic rules in Delhi only and they can easily get away by breaking these rules here.

“There is no strict vigilance to follow the rules in UP. We want to change this assumption and for this we have installed a digital display board which will give messages on the traffic rules that need to be followed,” Jha said.

Chetan Tiwari, a resident of a high rise in Sector 77, welcomed the initiative. “It’s a good move by the traffic police. Not only do the commuters need to be made aware of the traffic rules but the traffic police should teach the violators a tough lesson,” said Tiwari.

In another move, SP Traffic said that so far 5.5 lakh vehicles have been invoiced in the city. The police is taking strict action against those who are found violating the rules in the footage obtained from various CCTV cameras installed in the city.

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