RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Mechanical sweeping a sham!'

By Madhu Dagar
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Dec 12, 2018

Mechanical sweeping in Dwarka is simply eyewash! I have seen the machines on the roads, and they don’t seem to be functioning well. I have seen them on the job — they don’t really understand the entire process.   

There’s a guy before the machine who picks up the twigs and the garbage, throws it to the other side of the road, or to the central verge. Ideally, the vacuum should pick up everything, which is not happening!

Well honestly... the SDMC should stop using these machines.

Dust pollution continues to be a problem for Dwarka. How can the SDMC be so casual in its approach? It’s taxpayers’ money they are wasting on purchasing machines that are not suitable for Indian roads.

We, the community, should come forward and write about such things — we must force improvements in the system.

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Posted 6 months ago

The problem is that the people operating these machines are not well trained; they don’t know how to use or take care of these expensive machines. None of the mechanical sweeping trucks are in proper running order and the government has made no one accountable for the condition of these trucks and the quality of cleaning that is taking place all over Delhi.