RESIDENT SPEAK: Right turn without traffic signal causes chaos

By Suman Malik
Posted: Dec 13, 2018

The right turn at the Masterplan Road 201 in Dwarka that allows commuters coming from Youngsters Apartments and Rudra Apartments in Sector 6 to go towards Joy Apartments in Sector 2 has become a scene of traffic chaos.

The turn doesn’t have a traffic signal and the commuters can be seen driving erratically leading to long traffic jams, which sometimes last up to two hours. In fact, these jams have become a regular feature here during morning and evening rush hours.

This is a main road accessed by motorists going from Dwarka towards Najafgarh and Bahadurgarh. The worrisome part is that the traffic police despite being aware of the chaos does nothing about it.

The turn lies between two red lights, both roughly 400 metres away. The police can easily close this cut and commuters can take a U-turn from the next red light. In fact, the same thing was done about two months back but the turn was re-opened.

The traffic police needs to find a permanent solution to this mess. If closing the turn isn’t an option then there should be a traffic signal installed here to streamline the vehicular movement.


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