Elderly of Noida’s Amrapali Princely sorting out traffic mess in a unique way

By City Spidey
Posted: Dec 18, 2018

Senior citizens of Amrapali Princely, a high rise society in Noida’s Sector-76, have found a unique way to sort out the traffic mess in front of their society gate and make commuters aware of traffic rules.

A group of senior citizens daily stands outside the gates of the society with a poster in their hands appealing to passersby to obey traffic rules like no driving in the wrong lane, fasten seat belts and wear helmets while driving, and obey the speed limit.

There are several group housing societies in front of Amrapali Princely and the drivers going from gate number -1 towards the various societies often drive on the wrong side. The drivers avoid taking the U turn, which is about a kilometre away, and end up driving on the wrong side. This not only causes traffic jams but even increases chances of accidents.

People associated with the senior citizen forum, which has about 120 members above 60 years of age, say that their drive is having a positive impact on people.

Surender Verma, member of the forum, said that about 10 people stand outside the gate no 1 in the morning. “We request to those driving on the wrong side to follow traffic rules. Many times, we have seen commuters take a U turn and start driving in the right lane after seeing the poster. But there are also others who don’t hesitate to tell us that how long will we carry on with our drive.”

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