Dwarka: Agitated residents clash with officials to stop pruning of trees at park
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Dwarka: Agitated residents clash with officials to stop pruning of trees at park
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Dwarka: Agitated residents clash with officials to stop pruning of trees at park

Seeing the pruning and cutting of trees, the agitated residents could not resist themselves from coming out of their homes to stop the officials from doing it. When the DDA officials refused, there was a clash between residents and officials.

When the officials were asked to stop the pruning of trees, they said that the plantation was done in a haphazard manner and the park may turn into a messy forest if trees aren’t pruned. The residents continued to dissuade them by saying that the officials have no right to cut trees.

The clash was controlled by a senior DDA official and the police officers who were patrolling in the area. Finally, it all ended with a decision to discuss the issue further and find a middle path.

One of the eye-witness and a resident of Youngsters Apartment, SK Malik said, “The horticulture department of the DDA carried out the pruning of trees. The officials, who said that they are doing this to resist the area from turning into a forest, had no idea on guidelines about the number of trees per hectare in a forest. They had also not taken permission for the same. Finally, police were called to stop the activity.”

During the clash, the residents said that they have been planting the trees in the last ten years and the area has turned green only after their efforts. They emphasised that the area was like a desert earlier. They argued that felling of trees is not a solution even if the trees were planted in a haphazard manner and they cannot allow this to happen.

JS Dahiya, a senior citizen in his eighties from Katyayani Apartments has been instrumental in converting the deserted park into a green area. He said, “We don’t know about the right pattern of the plantation. We just planted trees to make the area green. Where were these DDA officials when we were planting trees? They should have guided us,” asked Dahiya.

“It is now more than 10 years and they are now saying that the park has turned into a forest. If they really want to upgrade the park, they should go with transplantation and not the cutting,” added Dahiya.

The community people have been planting trees over a long period of time without delving deep into the technicalities and the landscape. Their focus was to increase the greenery in the area. The open spaces of the park have trees all over. The DDA officials were against the lack of pattern in the park. The DDA officials were of the view that trees must be in a pattern at a park. Now, hundreds of such plants are in a growing stage and according to law, one must take permission for cutting them.

RK Sharma, a resident of UF Apartments said, “We want a middle path which involves saving the trees and making the park beautiful with the support of DDA. But, in any case, we will not allow anyone to cut the trees.”

On the other hand, the DDA officials said that they wanted to upgrade the park by having trees in patterns and providing different facilities. They also sought suggestions from the residents regarding this. The Sector 6 park is not the only park where trees have been planted randomly. Such kind of plantation can be seen at parks all across Dwarka. These plants are also in the growing stage.

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