Sethi Max Royal residents protest against incomplete works in society

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Praveen Dwivedi
Posted: Dec 16, 2018

Residents of Sethi Max Royal in Noida on Sunday protested against the management for lackadaisical approach on several incomplete works in the society.

They raised many slogans asking the management to stop dictatorial attitude and finish the incomplete works. They gathered at the gate of the society to raise their voices and to send a clear message to the developer.

Residents demanded the handover of the management system to the Apartment Owners Association (AOA), a registered union of the residents under the UP Apartments Act.

Residents alleged that despite 90 per cent occupancy in the society from last four years, many are still waiting to get their flats registered. They claimed that several complaints regarding the delay in flat registration were made to the district magistrate but nothing was done in this regard.

The other key issues which annoyed the residents are seepages in the basement of the building.

R G Badadhe, president of AOA (Sethi Max Royal), talking to City Spidey said, “Continuous seepages in the basement of the building are a big concern for us and if not stopped immediately it may weaken the pillars of the building. There are many issues which need to be taken care off but the developers are paying no heed on complaints. We really got fed up with the approach of the builder and therefore we decided to protest today.”

Parking, the load of electricity, incomplete whitewash, absence of lightning arrestors, unusual water supply, security in the gate etc have been other key issues in the society.

Lavleen Chawla, another resident of the society said, “Despite having a registered AOA in the society, our grievances have not been taken care off. We are demanding to hand over the maintenance to the AOA.”

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