Mahagun Moderne: Case registered against owner of a lab for attack on a resident

Photo: Graphics by Akash
Posted: Dec 17, 2018

Last week, Noida police registered a case against the owner of a dog, Alka Sharma, after it attacked a woman in Mahagun Moderne, a high rise in Sector 78, Noida.

Both the complainant, Harkirat Singh (29), and the accused are residents of the same society.

Speaking to City Spidey, Singh said, “On December 9, Alka called me to say she was coming to my house with her dog, Roger, a Lab. She left her dog with me, saying that she would come in some time. This can be verified by CCTV cameras installed in the tower and lift.”

She continued, “Around noon, I was going about the house doing my work when I happened to pass the dog, it attacked me and bit my right hand — I started to bleed. I rushed to the NEO hospital in Sector 50 and got ten stitches and had to take injections. I called Sharma and informed her about the incident — she came over when I was in the hospital and took her dog. She never inquired about how I was!”

Here’s what the complainant has to say...

Sharma alleged that it was Singh who ran a dog crèche at her house — and the same was mentioned on her Facebook page on November 18. It was after reading the post that Sharma decided to leave her dog at Singh’s house, as she had to go to her mother’s house in Ghaziabad.       

“After I received a call from Harkirat, I immediately went to get my dog and left Roger at another’s resident house for three days —it never bit anyone there!” Sharma continued.

Swetabh Pandey, Circle Officer 3, said police are investigating the matter and both the parties will be called in for questioning.


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