Star Rameshwaram in Raj Ngr Extn elects its first AOA

Posted: Dec 18, 2018

The residents of Star Rameshwaram, a high-rise in Raj Nagar Extension, elected their first-ever board of Apartments Owners Association (AOA) in an election held on Sunday.

As many as twenty candidates contested for the various positions on the board. The candidates were divided into two groups each comprising ten contenders — team Sahyog and team Vikas. Eight members of team Sahyog made their way to the board whereas only one member was elected from team Vikas. 

Meanwhile, the result could not be announced for the tenth member as it was a tie between the two contestants. “We will finalise the name in our next meeting,” said Sachin Rana, one of the elected members of the board.

He further added that despite the competition, all the elected members aim to work towards the betterment of the society.

“Our first priority is to force the builder to provide us amenities such as gym, clubhouse and swimming pool, which were promised to the buyers at the time of booking the flats,” Rana added.

Another main agenda for the AOA is overhauling the security of the high-rise. “We require a minimum of 15 security guards in the society but right now we only have 6. Over 100 CCTV cameras are required to cover the whole society and only 30 are installed as of now,” Rana said.

The names of elected board members include Anurag Bajpai, Ajay Shankar, Arvind Kumar, Naveen Rawat, Sujeet Jha, Sanjeev Kumar, Sachin Rana, Vinod Pandey and Pramila. 

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