Five societies in Dwarka join forces to create impact
Five societies in Dwarka join forces to create impact
Akhilesh Pandey
Five societies in Dwarka join forces to create impact
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

Five societies in Dwarka join forces to create impact

It takes collective will to bring about change, and five societies of Dwarka have taken it upon themselves to show what can be achieved if like-minded people joined hands. Sea Show Apartments, Kohinoor Apartments, Arvind Apartments, Railway Line Staff CGHS and Krishna Garden — all in Sector 19B — are carrying out cleaning drives, sapling-planting initiatives and following up with the authorities.

The campaign began last week, and it has already caught the attention of the community.

One of the pioneers of the campaign and a resident of Sea Show Apartments, Himanshu Joshi, recounted the genesis of the initiative. “I was discussing the sanitation of the area with a few of my friends — Tarun Maiti, Rohit Sharma and Varun Dhillon — when we decided to do something. We shared our views with our society management and other like-minded people came forward. We began with our own society, and spread the idea through various WhatsApp groups. We received overwhelming support from most of the residents, especially kids.”

The initiative was conceptualised in August. Now, four more societies have joined forces, and Club 19B was born. The group represents more than 600 families.

Sukhwinder Kaur of Arvind Apartments opined, “We have set an example and we want more people to come forward — to make Dwarka a model city in terms of cleanliness, community participation, greenery and other civic aspects. All this can only be achieved collectively.”

Last weekend, a mass cleaning drive was carried out by the group, in which more than hundred residents participated.

President of Railway Line Staff CGHS, Sunita Ganotra, and her husband, Naresh Kumar —both instrumental to the campaign, admitted, “The journey has just begun, and is not without difficulties. But we will pursue the authorities to act. We are also trying to do something about spots and stretches across the city.”

What about finances?

The members make contributions to carry out activities in a sustainable way. Joshi explained, “We all joined hands and collected Rs 30,000. We will need to think about making this movement self-sustainable. We are working on it.”