Dwarka: What happens when a T-point turns into a chowk!

By Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 20, 2018

Here’s irony! The newly erected signals at the T-point of Sector 12 and 18 seem to have become a source of chaos instead of smooth traffic!

The signals have been erected just in front of Sri Venkteshwar International School in Sector 18. The signal point is now a chowk, since a service lane from the side of the school has been opened up. The main gate of the school in the nearest point to the signal.

Vehicles in the service lane can now move both sides, making the situation risky for commuters.

VK Singh, a resident of Kargil Apartments in Sector 18, said, “The signals have made this point risky. Earlier people were conscious about fast-moving cars on the main road —now they look at the signals. But in case of any red light jumps, things go out of control.”

In the original plan, the chowk was a T-point, with no opening from the side of the school. But, with the opening of the service lane, the T-point became a chowk. But the whole service lane is jam-packed with parked vehicles, making the situation worse.

Seema Gupta, a resident of Sector 12, said, “It’s a blunder! The service lane can’t directly open into the chowk. Also, service lane has two-way traffic, creating more chaos.”

City Spidey visited the area and found vehicles both exiting and entering the service lane, creating risk of collision. Moreover, the service lane has a lot of parked vehicles, making movement difficult.



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