Dwarka: DDA refuses to walk the talk when it comes to society’s maintenance

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 22, 2018

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had allotted flats in Samridhi Apartments with a promise to maintain the society for the next thirty years. They had promised the buyers about the maintenance in the booklet which was provided to the home buyers. They had also charged all the individual buyers for the maintenance of the society.

But, the residents are saying a different story. They are completely agitated about the ignorance of the DDA towards the maintenance of the society. As per the RWA, the DDA is completely lacking in the maintenance of the society.

President of the RWA, Darshana Rani said, “We paid more than Rs 5 lakh each for the maintenance of the society. But, we feel cheated when we make the complaint and they say that the particular thing was not mentioned in the given list. It hurts that we are being ignored even after paying for the maintenance.”

“The malfunction in the lifts and seepage from overhead tanks are some of the problems that we are facing. We have written a letter to them but they said that the maintenance of the tank was not on the list. Tanks are part of the terrace. Since they had promised maintenance of the terrace, they should look into it,” said Rani.

DDA in its booklet of the scheme mentioned that they would look after the maintenance activities like grit wash, whitewash, plaster, the railing of stairs and common area, flooring of stairs and common area, roof and mumty, sewerage and drainage, repair of window roof and balcony roof etc. It is also mentioned that repair of drainage and sewerage and the other such lines would be done once in every three years.

But, according to the RWA, the DDA has not done any of the mentioned maintenance works as of now. On the other hand, they showed that the sanitary pipes were not even fitted at many places since the beginning.

“We were compelled to shift here even if the society was not fully complete. We asked them about the pending works and they did some work but couldn’t finish them. Now, iron fittings for construction are lying in open there. Such kind of callous approach they are having,” said Rani.

Residents said that the DDA has not lived up to the promise of maintenance. Vice president of RWA, Asha Kochar said, “We face problems on daily basis. When we complain about it, they cite technical constraints. We don’t understand it as they have themselves mentioned maintenance activities in the booklet.”

The RWA members also furnished their appreciation letter which they sent to the DDA when their engineers visited the society and assured to resolve the issues. “We thought that DDA would solve our problems but it is now more than a year since that visit and nothing happened,” said Kochar.

On the subject, Vice Chairman of DDA, Tarun Kapoor assured to look into the matter. He said that DDA was preparing a list of items so that there would be a clear picture of what needs to be done.

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