Why open gyms of Noida are a sorry picture...

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 22, 2018

Noida Authority has opened up open gyms in every sector. So far, 25 sector parks have been facilitated with gym equipment. But unfortunately, maintenance is missing. 

The gym at B Block Park, Sector 31, is a case in point.

Dinesh Singh, a resident, said, “The gym was built just a month ago, and the machines are already showing signs of trouble. The Authority needs to pay attention to maintenance as well.”

There are problems in the equipment such as the step twister, double cross walker and others. The nuts and bolts are coming loose.

City Spidey spoke to IP Singh, deputy director of horticulture, Noida Authority, the department responsible for the project. “Whenever we receive such complaints, we forward them to the company that installed the equipment and is responsible for its maintenance. We will look into the case of Sector 31. We will visit the park soon and resolve the situation,” Singh said.



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