RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Plastic menace continues to hold Dwarka in grip'

Posted: Dec 24, 2018

When you walk around, you would be surprised to see open violation of laws regarding dumping of plastic, especially in front of markets and malls. Every day, during my morning walks, I take photographs and share it on various WhatsApp groups, Twitter and with authorities. They do take notice, and the spots are cleaned up — but things go back to being the same in a few days.

While use of plastic is being legally discouraged, its dumping in public places violates laws pertaining to solid waste management and also municipal law. But despite the fact, civic bodies have failed to control this practice, and have it stopped permanently.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) claims changes have been introduced in the system, and waste is being managed more efficiently, but the outcome is not visible on ground.

A couple of days back, I took pictures of one such site in front of Sector 22 mall, and posted it on the group of the area councillor. To my surprise, after some time, a picture of the same place was posted on the group by one of the officials — and it had been cleaned up.  

Such practices should become more established, and not carried out only when brought to the dock. But anyways, that was good work!

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Sunita Tripathi

Posted 8 months ago

True much appreciated