Frequent use of service lanes by vehicles makes pedestrians unsafe in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Dec 23, 2018

A senior citizen, Ravi Jaitley always becomes extra cautious whenever he takes the service lane in front of his society. He is always in fear that some vehicles might hit him. His reason for fear is the constant use of the service lane by the private and commercials vehicles which are expected to ply on the main roads.

Jaitley has been raising this matter to the administration. “You cannot walk freely on the service lane because you might get hit if not alert. This narrow lane is being used by vehicles of Master Plan Road 201.”

The use of service lane by the private and commercial vehicles of master plan roads is a common thing in Dwarka. Sectors like 7, 9, 4, 13, 14, 19, 22 and 23 are suffering from such practices making the service lanes dangerous for the people living in the societies along them.

Mostly the service lanes are used to avoid the red lights and take a shortcut. Fast moving cabs and school buses can often be seen using such roads. Some accidents too were reported in these service lanes.

General Secretary of Federation of RWAs in Sector 9, MK Singh said, “Such vehicles are causing chaos and sometimes accidents too. Once, a lady was hit by a fast-moving school bus in the service lane near Ganpati Apartments. The collision incidents are common on these roads. To avoid heavy traffic in peak hours, the service lanes are being used causing a serious threat to the lives of pedestrians.”

The subject has been raised several times by the RWAs and managements of the societies in police-public meetings. Residents asked the police to check the problem time to time and do the needful.

A resident of Jagran Apartments, Pramila Malik said “There must be a permanent solution as the service lanes are for convenience and not the chaos. The internal roads in Sector 22 are affected due to fast-moving cabs. Cabs which are using the service lanes are also taking the internal roads as a route which makes the roads near parks and schools dangerous.”

One of the traffic police officials said that they were prosecuting the vehicles violating the rule of speeding and wrong side driving. He also said that the department took the matter into concern and initiatives were being taken.

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