Despite govt directives, bio-mass burning continues to keep out chill

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Dec 24, 2018

Last year, during winters, Delhi government had issued directives to curb the practice of burning biomass to keep off chill. The officials were asked to ensure that electric heaters were provided at all night shelters and guard rooms across government offices. It had also directed the administration to rope in RWAs to provide heaters to their guard rooms to stop the practice of burning of garbage and biomass. 

But a year on, nothing has changed.

The RWAs were not properly involved, and the government, too, has failed to provide heaters at night shelters and guard rooms of government offices.  

Strangely, City Spidey found out most officials from the civic bodies were unaware about any such government directives.

A member of the managing committee of Surya Apartments in Sector 6, Brijesh Singh, said, “We have given a heater to our guards, but I was not aware about any such directive. The administration must spread the message around so that the use of biomass is discouraged. Providing a heater is not that big a thing for any RWA.”

As winter intensifies, across North India, there’s a spike in garbage burning.

In Dwarka, with more than 400 societies, including DDA pockets, only 20 percent societies have provided heaters in the guard room.

A resident of Sector 4, Dinesh Singh, said, “On the direction of the SC-appointed EPCA, civic agencies last year said they were carrying out a drive against the RWAs — prosecute those found guilty of allowing garbage burning. But I don’t think they have succeeded — never heard of any RWA being fined.”

The RWAs, on the other hand, argue that the corporation is not serious about the problem. The civic body, they added, should conduct a proper awareness programme and periodic meetings to see any ground impact.

Adviser of the managing committee of Shivalik Apartments in Sector 6, PK Chopra, said, “Seldom has any RWA or society management given out heaters to guards. It is mostly done by the residents. Agencies must ensure implementation from RWAs — otherwise biomass or garbage burning will not stop.”

City Spidey spoke to one of the SDMC officials. He confirmed that they are indeed doing a recce in the area to check whether waste burning is happening or not. He also said that challans have been issued against those found burning waste in the open.

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