Noida: Man duped on online marketplace; files police complaint

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 26, 2018

A 22-year-old man, Kailash Chandra, was duped by a man claiming to be an army man on the online marketplace OLX. The victim claimed that despite paying money for the iPhone, which was advertised on the OLX website, he did not get the phone.

As per the police, the accused told the victim that he was an army man. The victim has complained at the Sector 39 police station in Noida.

Kailash said that he saw an iPhone ad on the OLX, for which a young man named Ravi spoke to him. “Ravi told me that he is an army man and posted in Delhi Cantt and he wants to sell his iPhone for Rs 9, 000,” he added.

“On Sunday morning, Ravi called me and informed that after paying half the price of the iPhone, the phone would be sent to me through courier. After which, I sent him Rs 5,000 through Paytm. Then Ravi asked for security money of Rs 2000 which I also sent him,” said Kailash.

“A courier boy rang me and asked me to talk to Ravi on the next day. When I talked to him, he again asked me to transfer Rs 11,372 for the Apple ID for phone and courier charge. He said that after the delivery of the phone, Rs 13,000 will be returned,” he added.

I also deposited this amount in his wallet. Then, the courier boy called and demanded Rs 1500 for the phone delivery. I said to him that I don’t have the money now. On this, the delivery boy said that if he does not give this amount, then he will deliver the phone and Rs 13,000,” he said.

Kailash then asked the army man to return the money. Since then, the military man and delivery boy stopped receiving calls. The victim complained to the police after this.

Uday Pratap Singh, SHO of Sector 39 police station said that the police have lodged a complaint under the IPC Section of 420 (Fraud) and we will take help from cyber cell to solve the case.

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