Mahagun Mansion to convert garbage dump into garden

The dumpsters that were placed beside the society earlier
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 18, 2016

Residents of Mahagun Mansion Phase I will finally be relieved from the stench that emanated from the garbage dump located next to the society. After several discussions, Florida Facility Management, the consultancy appointed by GDA, removed the dumpsters from the area.

The garbage dump was a cause of concern because of the unhygienic conditions caused by it. The dumpsters placed by GDA often overflowed with garbage and was a location for open urination.

Ved Prakash, an employee of the consultancy, told City Spidey that the dumpsters would be relocated to a location near the Indirapuram sewer treatment plant.

Milind Manasvi, head of the external affairs committee of the AOA, told City Spidey that it was after much persuasion that GDA decided to act on the matter.

The efforts do not end here. 

The AOA has also decided to fence off and develop a green area where the garbage dump used to be. The green area will have plants supplied by the horticulture department of GDA. "The green area will discourage further encroachment or garbage disposal here," added Milind.


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