Noida's Gaur Grandeur's power snapped over irregularities; AOA demands readings

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 27, 2018

Residents of Gaur Grandeur, a high rise in Sector 119, Noida, have been sent an assessment bill by the power department, alleging massive manipulation of the meter reading.

The department also slapped a fine to the tune of Rs 1.16 crore for “disturbing the meter reading for 540 days”.

When the AOA of the society refused to deposit the said amount, the power department snapped power on Monday from 2 pm. The AOA then deposited a portion of the fine (Rs 24 lakh), and power came back on in the evening at 8 pm.

According to AOA members of the society, they received a notice on November 26. Thereafter, they visited the power office several times, demanding proof for the reading manipulations for the said number of days. However, the power officials provided the meter reading for only 22 days. Surprisingly, according to MRI (meter reading instrument), “disturbance” was recorded only for seven days.

AOA general secretary, Avichal, said, “The power department will form a team to resolve the matter after the investigation.”

Manoj Kumar, an official in the power department, said, “The bill is generated according to the Meter Reading Instrument (MRI) reading. The consumers are entitled to view the report. We provided the same to Gaur Grandeur AOA.”

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