NEFOWA starts campaign against multipoint power connection’s hefty charges
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NEFOWA starts campaign against multipoint power connection’s hefty charges

The association says that the conversion notification, asking flat owners to bear infrastructure cost for installing multipoint connections, is not at all justified.

NEFOWA starts campaign against multipoint power connection’s hefty charges

Aiming to strengthen their protest against the move to charge the residents of high-rises to install a multipoint power connection in Gautam Budh Nagar, the Noida Extension Flat Owners Association (NEFOWA) has decided to launch an online campaign.

The association has started an online petition to be signed by the residents. The petition opposes the notification of the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPSERC) stating that flat owners will have to bear the infrastructure cost of multipoint connection.

The association says that they had started their protest against the conversion charges long time back when it was announced that builders will be allowed to recover the infrastructure cost from flat owners. Abhishek Kumar, president of NEFOWA said, “We are not against the installation of multipoint connection. In fact, we have been demanding it for a long time. Our objection is to a couple of points mentioned in the notification. First, why are conversion charges billed to residents? And second, why the maintenance of this infrastructure inside the societies will remain with the builder?”

Before launching the online petition on Wednesday, the association has been holding meetings in different societies informing flat owners about the complexity of getting a single-point connection converted into multipoint connections. Senior officials of Noida Power Company Ltd (NPCL) had also attended one such meeting in Gaur City where the officials had specified that flat owners will have to bear conversion charges.

Last week, a few members of NEFOWA had also raised the issued with Gautam Budh Nagar MP, Mahesh Sharma.

Vikash Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens, who is also leading the campaign said, “We have decided to take the matter to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath but before that we want a strong support from the residents. That is why we have launched an online petition asking support from the residents.”