Burglars break into 3 flats in Panchsheel Greens 2, Greater Noida West

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Dec 28, 2018

Three flats in Panchsheel Greens 2, a high-rise in Greater Noida West, were burgled on Thursday when their occupants were out of the house. The owners of the flats said that thieves broke the locks of the main gate and stole cash and jewellery.

The first incident happened in flat number A5/305. Abhay Kumar, owner of the flat, told City Spidey that he and his wife had left for work at 10:30 am but when they returned in the evening around 6 pm, they found the main door open.

Abhay further said that jewellery was missing from his flat including a necklace, a gold chain, rings and an earring.

The second theft incident occurred in flat number A4/405 when their owners were out of town. Ashish Chanda, a relative of the owners said, “My father-in-law and mother-in-law live here but they are travelling. I had last visited the house on Monday evening when everything seemed fine. But today when I reached the flat, I found the front door open, and cash and jewellery missing from the cupboard.”

Husain Jafar, in-charge of maintenance of the society, said, “CCTVs are installed in balconies, lifts and various other places in the society. We are looking at the CCTV footage to identify the miscreants.”

FIR is yet to be registered for the burglaries.

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Posted 6 months ago

Husain Jafar is lying and hiding the facts about the safety and security features in society. there are no cameras in lifts or balconies. Basement entry is open from the under construction portion of the society. Security agency is 3rd class. guards found sleeping in night duty. Panchsheel management were hiding and not a single senior management was present after the theft even after multiple calls from Residents.