GreNo: Residents unhappy with proposal to hand over maintenance to RWAs

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 03, 2019

The Greater Noida Authority’s proposal to hand over maintenance of sectors to the Residents Welfare Association (RWAs) did not go down well the residents. The authority has planned to handover maintenance, cleanliness, and security of sectors to the RWAs.

The residents, however, opposed it saying that the authority is trying to run away with its own responsibility and it would put a financial burden on the residents.

Harender Bhati, who leads a group of active citizens in the area, said, “In Greater Noida, people have formed RWAs on their own but none of them are recognised by the authority. We want that the maintenance of sectors and all other development issues should remain with the authority. RWA representatives can assist the authority but can’t take over the entire responsibility.”

The residents are also opposing the proposal because if it happens, the residents would have to pay maintenance charges to the RWAs. RWAs have been demanding their recognition from the authority for past few years in Greater Noida.

The residents also said that this system would pave the way for corruption in the RWAs just like AOAs are doing in high-rises. If RWAs would be given financial power then there would be fight among the residents to hold the post and it would badly affect the development of the area.

Alok Singh, another resident said, “The authority is trying to shift the responsibility on the RWAs. It would lead to a host of problems.”

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