75-year-old man accused of molesting minor girl dies in judicial custody

MMG hospital in Ghaziabad
By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Jan 03, 2019

A 75-year-old man, who was accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl in Indirapuram, died under a mysterious condition in judicial custody on Thursday.

The doctor informed that he died ten minutes after the admission into the hospital. “He was admitted at 2:40 pm and was declared dead at 2:50 pm," the doctor said.

The deceased, Vaashu Bhargava, was brought to MMG hospital in Ghaziabad under critical condition this afternoon.

“The man was gasping for breath when he was admitted in the emergency ward. We tried to revive him by giving CPR and other procedures but nothing worked,” the doctor on duty told City Spidey.

The family of the deceased blamed that official’s negligence caused his death. “For the last five days, his health was constantly deteriorating. But even after our multiple requests, he was treated inside the jail.”

“Only after they realised that he can be dead anytime, they brought him to the hospital so that they can get away with their negligence,” Vishal Bhargava, son of the deceased alleged.

When City Spidey tried to reach the administration of Dasna Jail, they refused to comment on the matter.

The deceased was sent to Dasna Jail under 14 days of judicial custody after being accused of molesting a girl in Indirapuram last month.

The family of the deceased claimed that he was suffering from dementia, and his health was already critical at the time of his arrest. He was also suffering from hypertension.

Responding to the allegation, Dadhiram Maurya, jail superintendent said that the decision of transferring an accused to a hospital outside the jail is taken by the judiciary. He also said that the health of the deceased was detrimental from the time he entered the jail.

“His medical condition was not treatable inside the jail. However, from day one, he was given medical treatment in the jail hospital,” he added.

Meanwhile, the body has been sent for the post-mortem. The deceased had to attend a hearing of his case in a local court of Ghaziabad on Thursday.

After the incident, the family of the deceased was given a notice of one month to find accommodation somewhere else by the Apartments Owners Association (AOA) of the society.

The family of the deceased lives in rented accommodation in the society.

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