Fog, unruly vehicles make Dwarka roads unsafe for commuters

Posted: Jan 04, 2019

Winter has set in and fog could be seen across the national capital during early mornings and overnight. Dwarka too is reeling under cold wave as fog has made roads of the sub-city unsafe for obvious reasons.

Many vehicles, especially share autos, metro feeder buses and e-rickshaws, could be seen plying without backlights. Besides, heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors and trolleys run without reflectors at a time when commuters can experience low visibility, resulting in dangerous collisions on roads.

While talking to City Spidey regarding the situation, Sunita Singh, a resident of Sector 14, shared an incident. She said, “A college guy, riding a bike, suddenly hit an e-rickshaw near the metro station and got slightly injured. Reason? The e-rickshaw did not have backlights! Imagine the extent of damage might have caused if it would have been a heavy vehicle?”

As per rules, vehicles plying on roads without backlights, reflectors or fog lights are against the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA).

Concerned about the safety of commuters and public in general, Vinay Mishra, a resident of Sector 4, told City Spidey, “Mostly the old three-wheelers and tempos run without backlights and indicators on master plan road number 201. What is surprising is the fact that most of them do not have headlights too but they go unchecked completely! Such vehicles ply between Kakrola Mor and Palam flyover on sharing basis. Well, traffic police must carry out drives often and prosecute them.”

When we contacted traffic police to know about the actual situation and their course of action on this issue, one of the officials on the condition of anonymity said, “Drives against vehicles violating MVA norms are being carried frequently in the area. Besides, metro feeder buses and other RTVs will be prosecuted in the future too if they fail to follow the MVA.”

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