Liquor shop in Dwarka’s Sector 7 becomes a nuisance for residents

By City Spidey
Posted: Jan 05, 2019

The liquor shop located right at the entrance of Sector 7 in Dwarka has become a source of nuisance for the residents of the area.

Many residents of the area complain that the shop has become a spot for open drinking and is raising security concerns for them. As many as 12 societies are located in the close proximity of the shop and the residents say that the situation has become so bad that they are now scared of stepping out of their house after dark.

They have now started a signature campaign in the area and are planning to bring the matter to the notice of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Anurag Bahal a resident of Shruti Apartments in Sector 7, who has been working on the issue said, “We have already received 200 signatures on this. We are planning to seek an appointment with the CM this January.”

PD Aggrawal, ex- vice president of Radha Krishna Apartments, said that people openly drinking in groups and in cars outside the shop have created a sense of insecurity among the residents. “We are the worst affected as our society is closest to the liquor shop. Drunk men openly harass women passing the streets. They throw bottles and trash everywhere, which many a times land inside society premises also.”

The RWAs of the area have been meeting officials and public representatives to take action in the matter. “We have even sent photos of the mess to the police but nothing has been done so far. The administration needs to take stringent action against the culprit before anything worse happens,” said Bahal.

The area has also become prone to traffic chaos as people visiting the shop park their cars haphazardly. Secretary of Shiv Bhole Apartments, KR Anand said, “People park their cars anywhere and openly drink. They shout and often create a ruckus.”

Speaking on the subject, ACP Dwarka Rajender Singh said that he would address the concern of the residents and take action.

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