Garbage woes begin to overflow in Dwarka
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Garbage woes begin to overflow in Dwarka

Residents say SDMC has been sloppy about garbage collection and disposal lately. Overflowing garbage bins and garbage lying scattered around are a common sight.

Garbage woes begin to overflow in Dwarka A pavement near the market in Sector 4, Dwarka.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation needs to pull up its socks as residents are dissatisfied with the garbage collection and disposal practices in Dwarka of late. Overflowing dustbins, heaps of garbage collected or scattered have become a nuisance in the city.

Yoginder Kumar, president of RWA, Sector 11 Pocket 2, said, “For the last couple of weeks, waste collection has been sloppy. Garbage bins are overflowing everywhere and garbage is scattered around our society. You can see where the dustbins are kept and also the place where garbage is being dumped. I don’t see corporation vehicles coming regularly to collect garbage.”

Footpaths in front of the markets in Sector 4, Sector 6 and Sector 10 are littered with garbage. Due to irregular disposal of waste, these places have started stinking. In Sector 6 and Sector 4 markets, the dustbins are placed near the bus queue shelter and is a nuisance for commuters.

Shyama Gupta, a daily visitor to the Sector 4 market, said, “Garbage collection is very poor in the market area. The dumping spot should not be there on footpath in front of the market and near the bus stand. How careless is the corporation? How can they place dustbins so inappropriately? If they do so, then why don't they collect the garbage on time?”

Mukesh Yadav, director of press and information department, SDMC, said, “Let me check with the official concerned with Dwarka. The problem will be resolved soon.”


A pavement in Sector 2, Dwarka, littered with waste.