Man abducted, robbed of car at gunpoint in Ghaziabad

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jan 07, 2019

A 28-year-old man was abducted and later robbed of his car at gunpoint by three unidentified men in Ghaziabad on Sunday night. The victim was held hostage for more than three hours and later released on a bypass road in Meerut.

The incident happened around 7:30 pm when the victim, Jai Kumar, a resident of Kautilya Apartments in Vasundhara, was standing after parking a car on the side of the road, barely 50 meters away from his society.

“I saw three men walking towards my car and peeking inside. After that, they started approaching towards me. I was alarmed and tried to run away but they held me and pinned me to the ground. One of the men, pointed me a gun and warned that If I shout or move, he will pull the trigger,” the victim said.

“They snatched keys of car, my mobile and wallet. One of them drove the car while I was seated on the backseat with two others during the whole journey,” Kumar added.

“The robbers returned his cellphone and wallet after dropping him. They took his mobile number, clicked picture of him and his Aadhaar Card and drove towards Muzaffarnagar,” Kumar told.

“They told me that they need my car to escape to somewhere. They also told me that they will contact me after two days and return my car,” he added.

Interestingly, the robbers stopped at a Reliance petrol pump to fill the tank of the car. They asked Kumar to pay. Later, they returned the amount to him. 

“During the whole journey, they kept repeating that they are just using my car to escape to somewhere. One of them told me that they had committed a murder and are using my car to run away from police,” Kumar further told.

When asked whether he tried to escape or shout, Kumar said that they kept the gun pointed on his waist during the whole journey. “Finally, when I was let off with my cellphone and wallet, I made a call to my home. I saw a police jeep on the road and immediately told them about the incident,” Kumar added.

Shlok Kumar, SP (City), Ghaziabad told City Spidey that the police couldn't take immediate action as the victim was dropped in Meerut. “We got late information about the incident,” he added.

For now, the police have registered an FIR under section 363 (Punishment for kidnapping) and 392 (Punishment for robbery) of IPC.

Kumar lives in Vasundhara with his family and works as a manager with a logistic firm situated in New Delhi.

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