RESIDENT SPEAK: Water leakages from DJB pipelines very common in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 08, 2019

The sight of water leakage from pipelines of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is very common in Dwarka. The leakages can be spotted in the main supply line along the roads. 

In the last one week, I have been seeing leakage from main supply line in Sector 18. The leakages are mostly from the joint and it seems that it is happening because of poor maintenance.

I have leakages at many other points in the city. I found permanent leakages in the main pipe lines near Netaji Subhash Apartments in  Sector 13, near the signal in Sector 14, near Akash Ganga Apartments in Sector 6, near Sector 6/7 signal, in Sector 22, in Sector 3 etc. 

Despite knowing that the water leakages are permanent, the Authority is doing nothing. 

At some places, I saw nomadic people and vendors using water from these leakages. It seems that these leakage have been made deliberately.

DJB could save lakhs of litre of water by just taking immediate step to repair the leakages. But they are callous in approach and the water is being wasted. There should be a strict action against those who do it and those officials who do not take it seriously.

During his visit over the issues of  surcharge wave off from water bill and sewerage bill, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal assured and asked the officials to ensure that there is no wastage of water in future.

But, one year down the line, the situation is same and it can be said that nothing effective has been done in this direction in Dwarka. 

Through City Spidey, I wanted to bring the subject into the notice of officials.

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