BREAKING: Man attempts burglary at Amba G Residency; falls to death

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Jan 09, 2019

A thief fell from the 9th floor of Amba G Residency, a high-rise in Ahinsa Khand ll, and died on the spot, police said. 

The incident happened around 4:30 am on Wednesday during his attempt to burgle the flat, police added.

Police recovered gold ornaments, cash, gas cutter, pliers, pepper spray, etc., on his body.

Ruchi Sapra, RWA general secretary, said the flat was vacant at the time. A married couple lived in the flat and both worked on  night shifts. 

She also said that the incident occurred after the security guards saw the thief. "The guards on duty heard some noise from the flat. Suspecting burglary, two guards went to the terrace of the building, just above that flat, while another waited below the building to prevent the thief's escape ," she recounted.

"The thief tried to escape, and in the attempt, fell to the ground," she added.

The police is trying to identify the thief, as ID proof has not been found on him.

"We are trying to identify the person. He is suspected to be behind the recent house breakings in the area. Two days ago, a theft took place in the apartment next to Ambaji," SP (city) Shlok Kumar said.

This is the third incident of the burglary in a week in Indirapuram. Last week, a series of burglaries took place in Ashiana Greens and Exotica East Square, both high-rises in Ahinsa Khand II.

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Biswajit Panigrahi

Posted 5 months ago

The road connecting the Ashiana green with Amba G Residency is lacking streetlights and GDA is not doing anything in this regard. Also there is an illegal buliding built next to the AMBA G residency which give space to miscreants till late hours..GDA shpuld remove this building immediatly and provide street lights on a urgent basis.