Mobile snatched at Mangal Chowk, Indirapuram, from journalist

By City Spidey
Posted: Jan 09, 2019

An unidentified man snatched a mobile from a Ghaziabad-based journalist at Mangal Chowk in Indirapuram on Tuesday. The incident happened around 7.45 pm, when the victim, Harish Rathod, was shopping in the market.

“The miscreant came from the opposite side while I was talking on the phone. He just snatched it and made away,” Rathod said.

Being a journalist, Rathod is apprehensive of losing vital information. He also feels data saved in the memory of the phone could be misused. "As journalists, we carry many sensitive and confidential documents, which could be misused if it falls into the wrong hands," he said.

Incidents of mobile and chain snatching have been on the rise in Indirapuram. As per an internal assessment by the police, Indirapuram is the “second-most prone area” to have reported such incidents. “The maximum number of cases has been reported from Sahibabad followed by Indirapuram and Kavi Nagar,” a police official said.

Rathod is a resident of Pratap Vihar and runs Satyabhavna, a Hindi daily in Ghaziabad

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