Why the proposed open gym at Dwarka's Surya Apts is not a welcome move for all

By City Spidey
Posted: Jan 11, 2019

The setting up of an open gym in the society's central park has become the bone of contention for the residents of Surya Apartments in Sector 6, Dwarka. According to the management of the society, the gym has been sanctioned by the MLA of the area, but a few are opposing its location.

Brijesh Singh, a member of the managing committee, said, “The management took consent from society members and the majority of residents agreed on the location. But now, we have trouble.” 

President of the society, Randhir Singh, said, “People who are opposing must understand that the location has been chosen by the majority. Even those, who were in the opposition earlier, are okay with the location. But now, a few of them are expressing discontent.”

Here’s what those who oppose have to say...

RP Sharma, one of the dissenters, said, “They have picked the central park and I was okay with that, but it’s too close to my flat. I am a heart patient and the commotion will impact my life.”

He alleged that the managing committee is now putting pressure on him to relent. He added that about 10-15 people didn’t want the gym in that particular location.

“A few feel setting up an open gym in the central park would deface the beauty of the society,” added Sharma.

However, most fear this dilly-dallying would lead the MLA to shift the gym to some other society.

A resident of the society, Amod Kumar, said, “I am not in favour of having a gym in the central park, as this is the only green area in our society.”

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