Overflowing dustbins become common sight in Dwarka

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 13, 2019

The idea behind the installation of dustbins was to keep the area clean in Dwarka. But, rather, the dustbins have become a nuisance across the city because of the poor maintenance by the corporation.

The dustbins can be seen overflowing in market areas, in front of societies, along roads and near bus stands. The areas around the dustbins are full of filth.

Different RWAs have been writing to the SDMC officials and sharing the photographs on different websites and WhatsApp groups. But, the situation is worse on the ground.

General Secretary of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Sector 8, Arvinder Singh Chatwal said, “When you enter in our Sector, you can see overflowing hanging dustbin welcoming you at the entry point on Vivekanand Marg. This is such so pathetic on part of the sanitary department.”

In the market areas, overflowing hanging dustbins are exposing the truth of ‘Clean India’ campaign. Hundreds of such dustbins have become a cause of filth because of inconsistent garbage clearance.

Treasurer of Lovely Home Apartments in Sector 5, Vishal Gupta said, “Sanitation means proper management of garbage. Sadly, the sanitation in Dwarka is very bad. The dustbins have become a nuisance.”

In the big markets like Sector 12, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 10, Sector 6 and Sector 7 around Ramphal Chowk, such dustbins can be seen making the whole area dirty. In the small markets at Sector 2, 3, 6, 10, 7, 12, these dustbins are less in number but are poorly maintained.

Sunita Mishra, a resident of Sector 12 said, “The corporation people do respond when we call them. But, they lift garbage from some spots and leave. They do not clean garbage properly. Is this the system we want? They should work on their own.”

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