Flat buyers protest against developer at Amrapali office

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 13, 2019

The flat buyers of various projects on Sunday staged a protest at the Amrapali office in Sector 62. More than hundreds of buyers participated in the protest and also discussed the future course of action.

According to buyers, the matter is in the Supreme Court but buyers are not getting possession of flats. “Most of the buyers have invested their hard earned money and given 90 per cent of the money to the builder. But they are still living in rented accommodation,” a buyer said.

“We are paying EMIs to the bank and also paying the rent of the house. Even the government is also not doing anything for the buyers. Now, it is the election time and buyers will oppose the election,” buyers said.

“Yogi Government made a three member committee to solve the home buyer issue but nothing concrete has been done. Ministers have not been able to address the issue despite several visits,” KK Kaushal said.

“NBCC is ready to make the projects. But, there is idea about the fund generation. Today, the flat buyers have decided that they will protest on the coming Sunday. Home buyers will be marching from Noida Stadium every week,” Kaushal added.

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