No more standing in queues at Noida’s Sector 30 children’s hospital

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jan 14, 2019

From next month onwards, the patients and their families coming to the Super Specialty Child Hospital and Post Graduate Institute (SSCHPGI), located in Sector 30 of Noida, will not have to wait in endless queues before meeting the doctors. Instead, they can now take prior appointments at their chosen time through the hospital’s newly-developed website.

According to an official of the hospital, the patient’s family can book a slot for meeting their doctors before coming over. The biggest beneficiary of this will be people coming from remote areas to get treatment at the hospital.

SSCHPGI director Dr Devendra Gupta said that right now people go through a very complicated process before they get to meet the doctors. “They are required to complete lengthy paperwork and then only they are allowed entry to a doctor’s chamber. We are trying to simplify it. People can take advantage of the new facility from February,” he said.

Gupta further added that the hospital’s new website will be update on a regular basis. “A new website is being developed for the hospital. It will be ready by the last week of January. The information related to the institute will be daily updated on the website. People who visit the hospital from remote, far-flung places can now get to know about doctor’s and hospital’s schedules before starting their journey,” he added.

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