Dwarka: Construction norms violations rampant at CGHS; residents choke with dust

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 15, 2019

Paying no attention to the fact that Dwarka is one of the polluted areas in Delhi, the Cooperative Group housing Societies (CGHS) have been frequently violating the construction norms. There are hundreds of CGHS which are currently undergoing expansion of FAR (Floor Area Ratio) with the permission of the authority. 

Construction works are going on without covering the spots with green clothes or water sprinkling to settle down the dust pollution. 

The situation has become worse as the residents are facing respiratory problems. Even the management of the societies are least bothered and unaware about such norms and the work is going on without proper measures to check dust pollution. Besides, the labourers are operating without safety gears and are facing a tough time in the chilly winter.

A resident of Sector 3, RK Singh said, “Once I was walking on the service lane near Kairali Apartments and felt suffocation because of high amount of dust in the air. I was thinking that if this has happened to me within minutes then what the residents in the area must be facing. The managements must think upon it seriously.”

People said that the contractors put green curtains in the beginning to show that they are following the norms. But, after some time, these curtains get damaged and they don’t bother to put another one. Water sprinkling is very rare. These things cause dust pollution in the area and people are being dearly affected.  Mainly senior citizens, children and people with dust allergy are the worst sufferers. 

Priya Bhardwaj from Sector 6 said, “People don’t care about such things because they are mostly unaware about it. The managements are also nonchalant about this. They don’t even bother that their health are also under risk due to pollution.”

People also cited that it is the responsibility of the civic bodies like Municipal Corporation to check such violations and take actions whenever required. But they have never been proactive. They said that these violations are rampant despite the proper intervention of the pollution control agencies.

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