Stuck at non-working traffic signal in Noida? Call the helpline

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 17, 2019

To save people from the chaos arising from non-working traffic signals in the city, the Noida authority has issued new numbers where people can complain about the situation.  

The electrical and mechanical team is also getting signboards installed near all the signals.

In case of traffic signal deterioration, the driver can immediately inform the department. For control room, people can call on 7065100100 and 9971009001, whereas for traffic cell, they need to dial 9205691659 and 9213734249.

After getting the information in the control room, the electrical and technical team of the traffic cell will fix them.

Executive engineer RP Singh said that there is a total of 109 traffic signals in the city. "The signboards have been installed near six of these with Noida control room and traffic cell numbers written on them. All this will make it easier for the commuters to complain about a traffic signal malfunctioning,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, the residents welcomed the initiative. “Earlier, one had to call the traffic police department to complain about non-working traffic signals. This sounds a much easier way,” said Nidhi Kumari, a Noida resident.

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