GreNo: Maggots in tap water, La Residentia residents fume

Posted: Jan 17, 2019

Neeraj Shrivastava, a resident of La Residentia in Greater Noida West, had a horrific experience on Thursday morning when he opened the washbasin tap to brush his teeth. As soon as he opened the tap, a stream of dirty water with maggots and larvae floating in it filled the sink.

The morning rush to get to the office turned into a nightmare for Shrivastava. He immediately informed the management of the society about his horrific experience.

“As soon as I opened the tap in the washbasin, I noticed small insects crawling to the sides of the sink. The water supplied was polluted with germs and had larvae floating in it. I immediately clicked pictures and made a video of it. I have shared the video and pictures with other residents of the society to alert them about the situation,” said Shrivastava.

The residents blamed the management of the society for the poor upkeep of overhead water tanks, leading to dirty water being supplied in their homes. “The water supply was perfectly fine yesterday. I don’t know what went wrong that now we are getting a supply full of maggots,” he said.

Meanwhile, the residents alleged that they have been asking the management department to clean the overhead water tanks for long, but they haven’t done anything so far. “I have been living here since September 2017 but I have never received any mail or communication from the maintenance department regarding the cleaning work of water tanks,” Shrivastava added.

Usually, whenever the cleaning of overhead or groundwater tanks occurs in the high-rises, the residents are informed a few days in advance.

According to a maintenance official at Eco Village 2, another high-rise in Greater Noida West, both overhead as well as groundwater tanks should be cleaned at least once in four to six months otherwise the water gets contaminated.

Pooran Mishra, CEO of La Residentia, talking to City Spidey said, “I have received a complaint regarding this issue. The maintenance team has been directed to submit a report on this. Once I go through the findings only then would I be able to reply.”


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